National Dog Show

Welcome to the Eukanuba National Dog Show, Obedience Tests, Working Trial and Agility event. All dogs competing in this week events are registered with the New Zealand Kennel Club, the governing body of dog related sports in New Zealand.

You are invited to sit and watch the judging as well as walk through the exhibition centre to talk with exhibitors, handlers, officials and sponsors. Make sure you visit the NZKC stand if you require further information on a breed or any aspects of the Kennel Club.

Most of us love talking about our dogs but please consider that people may be busy grooming the dogs or preparing to go into one of the many event rings.

Because a dog will naturally protect its area you are advised not to approach any dog that does not have an owner present to introduce you properly.

Conformation shows, obedience, working trial and agility events are regularly held throughout New Zealand and the Eukanuba National Dog Show is the largest in our annual calendar. Indeed the Eukanuba National Dog Show is recognised as a showcase for the Country’s top dogs.

Exhibitors come from varied backgrounds, participating in the many aspects of the sport, but the common interest is the love of dogs. Conformation shows provide the opportunity for various breeds to be promoted and for breeders to present to their peers the results of their breeding programme, whilst Obedience, working trial and Agility shows display, primarily, training results, however, many of the country’s top dogs are bred from top performers themselves, therefore breeding results are also evident in these event rings.

To find out more please click here to read our Show Booklet.

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