Introducing our Prelude Dog Show Judges for 2016....

Julio Rueda (Uruguay) - Best In Show

Julio started with Boxers in 1972 and bred over 50 champions. Importing Boxers from Canada, USA, Brasil, Peru, Mexico and New Zealand from some top bloodlines.

He has produced 12 generations of champions from his kennel. An Allbreed judge since 1993 also specialty judge of Boxers, Dobermann, Great Dane, Collies, Yorkshire Terriers, English Setters, American and English Cockers, Shih-Tzu and Afghan Hounds. Julio has also bred Afghan Hounds, Shih Tzu, English Cockers and Beagles, producing several champions.

Has judged in all the South American Countries, also Mexico, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Cuba, Australia, Tasmania, Phillipines, New Zealand, Spain and in Italy.

In May 2011 he judged the National Boxer Show in Brazil and in 2014 the National Boxer Show in Australia. Julio has judged over 190 times all around the world.

First President of the Afghan Hound Club of Uruguay, President of the Boxer Club of Uruguay for 8 years. Member for several years of the English Cocker Club of Uruguay.

He is currently the Vice-President of the Boxer Club of Uruguay, Registration Director and a member of the Kennel Club of Uruguay. .

Rafael Alcrudo (Spain) - Hounds

Rafael grew up with Pyrenean Mastiffs on the family farm near the Pyrenees, in Aragon, Spain.

A breeder of Pyrenean Mastiffs since 1974 under the kennel name ‘La Tajadera del Tío Roy’. He has won 180 National and International Championships, seven European Winners and six World Winners. A World Record among kennels dedicated to Spanish breeds.

His dogs have been used as foundation stock to start breeding Pyrenean Mastiffs in many countries all over the world.

Founder, in 1977 of the Spanish Pyrenean Mastiff Club. General Secretary until 1986 and Chairman until June 2010 and is currently Founder President.

Author or co-author of nine books and several articles, both in Spanish and English, about Molossers breeds, Sighthounds and pastoral dogs.

International FCI judge since 1982. All breeds FCI international judge since 2005. Member of the Board of Judges of the Spanish Kennel Club from 2005 to 2009

Judging all breeds Shows, Molossers and Sighthounds Specialties Internationally. Judge of yearly Special National Club Shows for most of the Molossers as well as sighthounds breeds in several countries in the five continents. President of the Aragon Kennel Club since 1990.

Ulla Greenwood (Australia) - Terriers

Ulla Greenwood is a licensed ANKC judge of Toys, Terriers, Gundogs, Hounds, Working Dogs and Non-Sporting Dogs

Based on acreage at Brookfield in Brisbane, Queensland, Ulla a lawyer, is now retired from a senior role in the Qld government.

Ulla is a Hound specialist with her primary breed being Whippets with a number of champions bred and campaigned under the Piaffe prefix. Most recently she has successfully introduced Swedish bloodlines into her breeding program with three imports from the famous Twyborn kennel. Ch Twyborn Innocense (Imp Swe) has recently won multiple Specialty RUBIS awards. Ulla has also had a long term involvement with the Afghan hound breed and in recent years has acquired a Borzoi from the Marakhoff kennels.

Ulla is currently a Vice President and Director of the Canine Control Council (Qld) Ltd trading as Dogs Queensland. In addition she is the Secretary of the Ladies Kennel Association of Qld and a Vice- President of the Qld Kennel Council. Ulla has judged extensively in Australia and has previously judged in the North Island of New Zealand and has forthcoming judging appointments in Victoria, South Africa and Spain.

Timothy Catterson (USA) - Toys


Maureen Hanley (Australia) - Utility


Dr. Juan Rivera (Uruguay) - Gundogs

Doctor in Law and Social Sciences. Worked for the Government at the Ministry of Agriculture, now retired

Past President of the Kennel Club Uruguay, also has held roles as Vice President and Secretary. Currently a member of the Board of Judges of the Kennel Club Uruguay. FCI All Breed Judge since 2002, member of the Legal Commission of SICALAM, member of the Scottish Terrier Club of America (since 2000) and Honorary Member of the German Shepherd Uruguayan Society.

Juan has participated in seminars for the following breeds; Jack Russell Terrier, Cairn Terrier, Staffordshire Bull Terrier, Scottish Terrier and Welsh Terrier dictated for the parents Clubs in USA.

Breeder of Airedale Terriers, Fox Terrier Wire, Uruguayan Cimarron. Currently lives with Scottish Terriers, Uruguayan Cimarrons and a German Shepherd Dog.

Juan has judged all breed shows and different breed specialties, in Argentina, Australia, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Paraguay, Peru, USA, Venezuela and of course Uruguay.

Sally Stasytis (Victoria) - Working Dogs

Sally grew up in Gippsland with her parent’s and the family owned Labradors. Rescued their Basset Hound in 1964, the first hound the family. Rescued their first Borzoi in 1974 and from there became involved with the sport of Dog Shows.

Has shown and owned Borzoi, Deerhound, Otterhound and Tibetan Spaniels. Bred thirteen litters of Borzoi, exported Borzoi to Hawaii, New Zealand, United States of America, South Africa and Sweden

In Borzoi, Sally has made up over twenty Champions, one Grand Champion (homebred) and a New Zealand Champion. Titled numerous Deerhounds and all of her five Tibetan Spaniels.

She has had the pleasure of judging in England, South Africa, New Zealand, America and Finland. Australian judging appointments have been in Victoria, South Australia, New South Wales, Queensland, Australian Capital Territory, Tasmania and Western Australia Sally commenced judging in 1996 as a trainee for Group 4, being approved for her Hound licence in 1999. This has been followed by Gundogs, Toys and Working Dogs in 2014 Since 1999 she has judged in 6 States of Australia and one Territory.

Overseas judging appointments include; South Africa, USA, Finland and New Zealand.

Peter King (Australia) - Non-Sporting

Peter’s association with purebred dogs can be traced back to his families association with Irish Setters, Standard Poodles and Dachshunds many years ago.

Along the way Peter has exhibited, handled and titled a number of Non-Sporting breeds and has a particular interest in Dalmatians, Standard Poodles and British Bulldogs. In the Gundog arena, breeding under his Greysouthen prefix, he has produced numerous Australian and International Champion Weimaraners and Flat Coated Retrievers and has handled Gundogs at the prestigious Crufts and World Shows.

For Peter, the progression to judging was a natural step. He has earned a solid reputation judging around Australia and New Zealand as well as Thailand, China, Japan, Scandinavia, The Baltics, Ireland, the UK, Germany, France and North America. He is readily acknowledged for his friendliness, his keen eye for a quality dog, especially youngsters, his depth of knowledge especially of Gundog & Non-Sporting breeds, their form, function and inherent qualities.

Peter is a Specialist Judge, fully approved to award Championships and judge Best in Show for all Gundog and Non-Sporting breeds. He is also approved for all Junior Handler Classes as well as the Toy Group at Open Show level.

Peter lectures and mentors on various breeds for Judges Training in three Australian states, is a regular contributor to several canine publications and magazines around the world and is a popular guest on radio and television where he provides specialist commentary on a variety of Gundog breeds.

Rob Claman (Rolleston) - Test A & Special Beginners

Rob is delighted to have been invited to judge at the 2016 Fuji Xerox Prelude Show.

Dogs have been part of his life from an early age when his parents acquired a Beagle. She was a much-loved member of the family but could hardly be described as either well-trained or obedient. He has had dogs of his own since returning to New Zealand in 1984 but the first one he trained was Geordie, his awesome little Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. With a lot of help and encouragement from the many friends he has made in the dog sport community he not only achieved his Obedience Champion title but also got his agility ADX title and made it to the semi-finals in Wonder Dogs. Rob is currently enjoying running his Border Collie cross Evey in Test C.

For him Obedience is the pinnacle of dog sports. It’s great to see the culmination of many years of hard work come together in the ring with handler and dog working together as a team. He enjoys judging combinations who are obviously trying their hardest but are also having as much fun as he is!

When not competing, judging or stewarding his hobbies include exploring exotic foreign countries and perforating his eardrums at blues and rock concerts.

Rob is looking forward to seeing everyone at the Prelude Show and especially looks forward to seeing lots of new competitors in Special Beginners. He would like to see you come along and give it a go, and have fun with your dogs!

Ann Davis (Auckland) - Test C

Ann began the sport of dog training in the1970’s at the age of fifteen at Akarana Dog Obedience with her red Dobermann.

She has competed in Obedience with Dobermann’s, German Shorthaired Pointers and currently Irish Water Spaniels.

Always enjoys competing with her dogs and judging. Has been on the Obedience Judging panel for many years and then decided to become a Rally judge. Ann has thoroughly enjoyed watching and supporting competitors achieve Rally titles with their dogs. She has qualified with her husband’s Newfoundland and Weimaraner with RN and Caoilfhionn who has achieved her RAE title.

Ann is looking forward to judging the dogs at the Nationals, watching dogs and handlers work together to achieve qualifications.

Barbara McDonald (NZ) - Rally-O

Barbara would like to thank you for the invitation to judge at the 2016 Nationals Prelude Show.

She became interested in Rally Obedience after attaining Canine Good Citizen Gold with her Staffy cross Chopper and was looking around for something further to do with Chopper. Rally Obedience was just gaining interest in Auckland so she gave it a go and found it suited her well. Barbara has been a Canine Good Citizen Assessor for some time and it didn’t take long before she was jumping at the opportunity to become a Rally Obedience judge.

She thoroughly enjoy judging Rally Obedience which is suitable for a whole range of dogs including pet dogs, young and old dogs. She finds it rewarding watching the enthusiasm of the handler teams working through the various levels and attaining their qualifying certificates. Barbara looks forward to continuing in this role and helping the sport grow.

Maree Gavigan (NZ) - Test B & Novice

Maree is really looking forward to judging at the 2016 Fuju Xerox Prelude Show.

She lives in Rolleston with her partner and four dogs. Her involvement in competitive obedience started back in 1999 when she started competing with her Labrador Albert – he got his CDX title and made it to Test B. Then came Molly, a Beardie/Huntaway cross who Maree rescued from the pound. Molly loved working and let everyone know it by barking the whole time. She became an Obedience Champion and also got her CDX title. At 15 she still loves working but is now retired much to everyone’s relief.

Maree is currently working her two Border Collies, Fergus and Panda who are father and son. Fergus is a Grand Obedience Champion with 54 challenges and is the most awesome dog to train. His son Panda is an Obedience Champion and is also a lovely wee dog. She has been on the obedience judges panel and CD panel for around eleven years. She thinks it is awesome to watch and judge a great team that work well together.

As well as judging Maree has been an instructor for many years and also a Show Secretary for several clubs. She has made many friends in the obedience world and always has a great time at competitions whether she does well or not.

On a final note she is looking forward to seeing everyone at the Prelude Show and would like to wish you all good luck! .